Taking place over three weekends, the BANAD Festival lets you (re)discover remarkable venues which showcase the Art Nouveau and Art Deco heritage of the Brussels-Capital Region. 

The programme comprises visits of interiors normally closed to the public, several guided tours (on foot or by bike), original lectures, inclusive and family activities, and also the unmissable Art Nouveau and Art Deco Collectors' and Valuation Fair. 

New in 2024 is the "half and half" (50-50) split between Art Nouveau and Art Deco/Modernism with the following categories: #Essential (unmissable venues you have to see at least once in your life), #Classic (including certain public buildings that may occasionally be accessible, but rarely presented from the point of view of architectural heritage), #New (venues never before opened in the framework of the BANAD Festival), and #Previously New (venues that were new in previous years and are now being reopened for the benefit of visitors who might have missed them earlier).  

The BANAD Festival's program is made up of:

The complete program lists all the guided tours and activities by date.